Creating Value

Drawing on its expertise in project development, AXXUS Capital seeks to generate market-leading income streams across the entire value chain while reflecting a sound risk-return profile.


Project development is a core skill of AXXUS Capital. The long-term viability of a property depends from the outset on finding an appropriate site and adopting an integrated approach to location planning. AXXUS Capital recognises development potential and seeks opportunities to build a sustainable future in locations offering the prospect of high desirability.

Its strategy is crucial to maximising the value of property in the long term. AXXUS Capital coordinates the numerous relationships that contribute to development projects, and implements the schemes giving consideration to all the economic parameters and quality aspirations. 

Speciality Retail – Logistics – Office Buildings

Speciality Retail

In view of its many years of experience in speciality store development, AXXUS Capital serves as a dependable partner in the retail sector. Site development, relocation projects and the revitalisation of highly frequented speciality stores have been shaping the core business of AXXUS Capital for more than 20 years.


AXXUS Capital develops, builds and invests in highly efficient logistics centres. While conserving resources in the interests of the environment, AXXUS Capital develops distribution and warehousing sites to support optimum workflows, offering excellent communications and infrastructure for supplying goods to trade and industry reliably. 

AXXUS Capital also specialises in developing highly efficient air freight facilities incorporating the latest security and cargo technologies to facilitate and expedite air freight scheduling and loading at the airport.

Office Buildings

AXXUS Capital develops office buildings to match users' needs and satisfy the most sophisticated aspirations as regards efficiency, architecture and technology. We create environments that provide companies and their employees with outstanding communication options and a supremely productive workplace.